Hormel FoodsOn the 29th of March, Hormel Foods Corporation gave a Press Release to announce the company’s new set of executives.

The new vice president for corporate innovation is Scott Aakre. He is going to handle management of the department that focuses on developing new products. Another newly appointed vice president, Whitney Velasco-Aznar, will replace Aakre, who was in charge of marketing, which mainly focuses on grocery products.

Hormel Foods’ President, CEO and Company Chairman, Jeffrey Ettinger, said that Aakre’s appointment will allow him to give much of his attention to developing new processes and new products. Ettinger also said that the company welcomes Velasco-Aznar and looks forward to the marketing expertise that she brings.

Aaron Aakre started working for Hormel Foods in 1990, when he began working as a junior product manager. He was then promoted several times to different positions in the same department until he was promoted as product manager for the group that handled meat products. In 2003, he was again promoted, this time as the marketing director for the grocery products division. In 2005, he was promoted to vice president of marketing for the division.

Whitney Velasco-Aznar has been working as a business manager and consumer goods marketing expert for more than 19 years. Currently, she is the controller for marketing of CPW or Cereal Partners Worldwide. The company is a joint venture with equal partnership between General Mills Incorporated (in the U.K.) and Nestle S.A.