Mars North AmericaMars North America has launched a new kind of energy bar to the market. This new snack bar is known as the Marathon Smart Stuff bar.

This new Mars snack bar is a healthy snack solution for people of all ages. Whether it be as an on-the-go snack or something to munch on while relaxing from work, the Marathon snack bar can be a perfect choice.

It is a snack food that provides balanced nutrition for active bodies and minds. All ingredients of the Marathon bar are wholesome and natural. Ingredients include blueberries, peanuts, chocolate and cranberries. Each snack bar contains 35% calories obtained from fat, 10% less calories obtained from saturated fat, and 35% less weight obtained from fat. What’s more, this new snack bar from Mars has been fortified with eight essential minerals and vitamins. It is also a very good source of calcium. Every serving has 3 to 5 grams of fiber. A total of 140 calories can be obtained from every serving of this snack.

Marathon Smart Stuff Snack Bars are low in sodium and do not contain corn syrup (which is high in fructose). They also do not contain any artificial preservatives, colorings or flavors.

Varieties of this new crunchy product include Multigrain, Chocolate Crisp, Honey Graham and Trail Mix. Also, these bars have been made the official snack bar for a series of Rock’n’Roll Marathons. The 19 marathon events have allowed Mars to reach over 1.2 million consumers.

This new product Mars is now available in stores nationwide for $0.89 (single pack) and $6.99 (for an 8-piece pack).