Food manufacturing giant Haribo has introduced a new product to the UKmarket. This new product is actually a new and improved version of the company’s Super Mix.

This popular bagged treat, while already a bestseller in the market, has undergone a makeover to make it even more appealing to consumers. The new Super Mix now contains a mix of “milk bottles,” “smooth milkshakes” and “squidgy jelly babies,” along with jelly treats and soft foam. New features of this bagged treat include new shapes, like that of sheep, cupcakes, ice cream and flowers.

The new Super Mix is also currently starring as Haribo’s face in the company’s national campaign. It is the star of the company’s new cinema, television advertisements and radio campaigns. The advertisement campaign promotes the product with the sing along line “squidgy baby, oh so smooth and love them soft.”

The new Super Mix is now available in retail stores in different parts of the country. The product sports new packaging that emphasizes the bagged treats’ squidgy, smooth and soft gums and jellies. This new and improved product from Haribo does not contain any artificial preservatives or artificial colours.

The new Super Mix is sold for a retail price of £1.20 for a 160-gram bag. According to a Haribo representative, the company is confident that consumers, especially kids, will love this new and improved treat. Super Mix has also joined the “Haribo Fun Time” campaign in touring the whole of theUnited Kingdom. This campaign promotes the company’s products by giving out samples to the public. The campaign also includes several games to entertain and at the same time give adults and kids a chance to win some prices.