New York-based company RedCo Foods has launched a new variety of tea to the market.  Red Rose Tea Sunset Spice is the new addition to the company’s line of Specialty Selections.

This new black tea variety is said to have a bold flavor yet is delicately blended. As part of its research and product development process, the company asked some consumers to taste test the product (which was still a work in progress at the time) in their homes, where people naturally drink their tea.  The company then asked for consumer feedback and used it to develop, and improve, what is now known as the Red Rose Sunset Spice Tea.

This new variety of tea is a combination of rich orange notes layers, a little cardamom and cinnamon.  This combination of ingredients is what makes this new tea unique in both aroma and taste, creating its own signature. This sunset spice tea brings a balance of citrus and spices, and brings tea drinkers a blend that is soothing.

According to Red Rose Tea’s brand manager Michele Peters, drinkers of Red Rose Tea have been enjoying its various flavors for generations now and they will be delighted to try this new addition to the Red Rose line. Peters added that the Sunset Spice variety will give tea drinkers a way of “spicing up” their day. The new tea variety also adds to the Red Rose Tea tradition.

Red Rose Sunset Spice Tea is now available in different retail food stores all over the country. Suggested price for every box (40-count) is $3.75.