Mars announced the last week of August that they are releasing a new treat for all consumers in the UK market. This new Mars product, called Triple Choc, is a triple chocolate treat that people of all ages will surely enjoy.

The Triple Chocolate Bar from Mars is a limited edition. It is a twist of chocolate caramel and chocolate nougat all covered in rich milk chocolate. The launch of this limited edition chocolate bar hopes to strengthen Mars presence in the UK market, which has already seen a significant 13% growth in the past three years. This product launch also presents retailers with an opportunity to boost their sales in the retail of chocolate and candy bars.

The texture of the Triple Choc Bar is very similar to that of the regular Mars bar, fitting it right in with the unique texture of the Mars brand. The bar’s chocolate caramel is rich, the chocolate nougat a little darker than the regular Mars Bar, and yet still with a touch of nougat sweetness about it. With these rich flavours, the new Triple Choc from Mars can be considered an indulgent treat to chocolate lovers out there.

Over the years, Mars has continued to be a leading brand in the UK when it comes to chocolate bars. In the early part of this year, Mars also launched its limited edition Snickers Maximus bar. These new products from Mars continue to prove the company’s commitment to provide innovative products. This continual innovation of products is one of the reasons why consumers keep buying Mars bars.