Hawaiian Snacks Hawaiian Snacks recently announced that their Kettle Style Potato Chips are now available at select markets in the East Coast. The products come in four different varieties: Original, Maui Onion, Luau BBQ and Wasabi.

Hawaiian™ Kettle Style Potato Chips have already gained popularity on the West Coast. Now, potato chip fans from West Virginia, Ohio and Western Pennsylvania will also be able to enjoy potato chips in the Hawaiian kettle style. Potato chips in original flavor are cooked in a selection of blended oils and just the right amount of salt. Potato chips in Maui Onion flavor are cooked until they become crisp and golden. The right amount of sweet onion flavor is then added to the perfectly cooked chips. Potato chips in Luau BBQ flavor offer consumers a sweet and feisty treat.

Potato chips in Wasabi flavor is the company’s latest addition to its kettle style chips. These potato chips offer a taste of the combination of horseradish and Wasabi integrated into thickly sliced potato chips. All potato chips have been cooked in the traditional Hawaiian style. All of these flavors have been proven by consumers on the West Coast to be tasty and have strong flavor.

Currently, the company’s entire line of potato chips can be bought in retail shops in the states of Western Pennsylvania, Western Virginia and Ohio and selected areas in the west. However, these great tasting chips will be made available nationwide in April of this year. These new products are also available for purchase at the company’s website at hawaiianbrandsnacks.com. Suggested Retail Price is from $2.99 to $3.29.