In Ottawa, Canada, food manufacturer Handi Foods Limited has issued a recall on its multigrain bagels for containing undeclared ingredients. The recall was made in cooperation with the CFIA.

The Handi Brand’s multigrain bagels are said to contain sunflower seeds that have not been indicated as part of the product’s ingredients. The company is warning consumers, especially those who are allergic to sunflower seeds, not to consume the bagels as they may cause allergy attacks.

Specific details about the recalled bagels are:

Product description: Handi Brand 100 calories Muligrain Bagels

Product state: fresh or frozen

Size: sold in 270-gram packs and 4 by 270-gram packs

UPC codes: 069066003929, 069066003981

All “best by” dates, as well as all lot codes, are included in this recall.

Consumption of the multigrain bagels can lead to serious health risks to people who are hypersensitive to sunflower seeds. Especially in people with weakened immunity, a simple allergy attack could become a serious medical emergency, which could lead to death. As of the time of the recall, no allergy attacks have been reported that are linked to the affected multigrain bagels.

The bagels were distributed to different food retailers in the areas of Quebec and Ontario. The CFIA is currently monitoring if the product recall has been effective so far. Consumers who want to know more information about this product recall can call the CFIA hotline at1-800-442-2342 or TTY at 1-800-465-7735. Both hotlines are open from 8:00 AM in the morning up to 8:00 PN in the evening, Eastern time. Both hotlines are open from Monday to Friday.