Market Pantry Snickerdoodles Cookies Last May 6, Ralcorp Frozen Bakery Products, Inc. announced a recall for specific lots of their Snickerdoodles cookies. The recall was because of the presence of undeclared whey in the products.

The recalled cookies are said to contain whey from its milk ingredient, however the packaging does not indicate the presence of the allergen. The cookies are packed in clear, retailer clamshells and are labeled with “Market Pantry Cookie Snickerdoodles.” Each pack has a net weight of 15 ounces and has a UPC code of 085239442074. The affected lots are 110592W03, 110941W03, 111232W03, 110933W03, 111152W03. This lot code can be seen printed on the label’s left side.

People who have allergic reactions to whey or milk should be made aware if these allergens are present in any type of food so as to avoid sudden allergy attacks. For frail people or those who have weak immune systems, a severe allergy attack can even lead to serious health injuries, even death.

At the time of this product’s recall, no health incidences have been reported which are related to it. The recalled products were distributed to Target stores all over the country starting from March of this year.

For people who have no milk or whey allergies, they may consume the cookies without worries. However, for those who have known allergies to whey and milk, the company advises them to either discard or return the cookies to the store in order to be refunded for their purchase. For questions or concerns about this product recall, the company can be contacted at 1-888-421-4699 or 1-800-316-6151 (Target’s Guest Relations Department).