Kay and Ray’s ChipsOn February 8, Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe Incorporated announced a product recall for specific products under the ‘Kay and Ray’s’ and ‘Nibble with Gibble’s’ brand snack foods. The reason for the recall is the possibility of an undeclared allergen, soy protein, in the snacks.

The recalled products have the following specifications printed on the retail packs: Kay and Ray’s brand



Variety                                                             Net weight                                                            UPC code

Regular                                                            2 ounces                                                            3074900111

Regular                                                            6 ounces                                                            3074900311

Regular                                                          14 ounces                                                            3074900411

Regular                                                          20 ounces                                                            3074900511

Regular bulk                                                 48 ounces

Dark                                                                    6 ounce                                                             3074900314

Dark                                                                14 ounces                                                             3074900711

Dark bulk                                                       48 ounces

Nibble with Gibble’s brand

Variety                                                            Net weight                                                            UPC code

Party Pounder                                             16 ounce                                                             4166410500

Curly Kettle                                                  12 ounce                                                             4166410216

Regular Family pack                                 10 ounce                                                            4166410310

Regular Krinkle Kut                                   10 ounce                                                            4166410312

Red Hot                                                        10 ounce                                                            4166410320

Regular                                                          6 ounce                                                            4166410100

Red Hot                                                          6 ounce                                                            4166410215

Regular                                                          2 ounce                                                            4166410700

Red Hot                                                          2 ounce                                                            4166410205

Regular Krinkle Kut                                   16 ounce                                                            4166410200

Regular bulk                                               16 ounce

Box chip                                                        56 ounce                                                            4166410951

The indicated dates to sell by are from 2/9/2011 to 3/30/2011.

Soy protein is one of the common food ingredients that can trigger allergy attacks in people who are hypersensitive to it. Thus, it is important that it be listed on every food item that it is an ingredient to.

No related health incidences have been reported at the time of the recall. The affected products were distributed and sold in the states of Alabama, District of Columbia, Florida, Massachusetts, North Carolina, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, West Virginia, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island and Virginia. The company has offered to provide complete refund for the recalled products. They may also call the company at 1-800-548-1200.