Simply Thick, LLC Simply Thick, LLC announced, on June 1, a product recall for a specific batch of its gel thickening product. The specific batch was recalled as the manufacturing facility that processed the batch failed to submit documentation ensuring that harmful bacteria are killed during processing of the product.

The affected thickening products are those that were processed at a Stone Mountain manufacturing facility in Georgia. The manufacturing facility is currently owned by ThermoPac, LLC. Simply Thick emphasizes that only those products manufactured in the facility are affected by the recall. Other thickening products under Simply Thick which have been processed at different facilities are not included in the recall.

In order to determine which Simply Thick® product is recalled and which one is not, please refer to the following specifications:

1. All 15 gram and 30 gram pouches are included in the recall
2. 120 gram pouches that have “TP” in its lot code
3. 240 gram pouches that have “TP” in its lot code
4. Item numbers that are recalled are those that start with 01001, 01007, 01005, 02001, 02007 and 02005.
5. Some item numbers starting with 01004, 01006, 02004 and 02006 that have “TP” in its lot code.

One example of a date code of the recalled product is 0312125TP1. This code is broken down as having a “best by” date of 3-12-2012, with the letters “TP” included on the code.

For a more detailed list of specifications on the recalled thickening products, please refer to the company’s website, and search for recalled date codes.

Consumers who were able to buy this recalled product are urged to call 1-800-205-7115 in order to be given an exchange product or a refund. They may also send an email to