TGF Production, LLC announced, last mid-June, a recall on its herring in salt-water product because of unevisceration. The problem was discovered when the NY Department of Agriculture and Market Food Inspector conducted a routine sampling on the fish product.

It was discovered that the herring fish products were indeed uneviscerated, and thus have a high possibility that the bacteria Clostridium botulinum might be present. Uneviscerated (not properly gutted) fish products are prohibited from being sold in the market because of the high possibility of bacterial contamination.

Clostridium botulinum, a bacterium that causes botulism, is usually present in uneviscerated products. Botulism is a kind of food poisoning that usually causes blurred vision, poor reflexes, respiratory paralysis and difficulty in swallowing. In worse case scenarios, botulism can be fatal. Death from botulism is very likely for those people who have weakened immune systems or have preexisting medical conditions. At the time that the recall was announced however, no cases of botulism or other medical emergencies were reported which are connected to the affected fish products.

The affected herring fish products are packed in round plastic containers and have a net weight of 2.86 pounds (1.3 grams). The code number for the recalled product is 20.02.11PVI44AMIC2. This product has been imported from Russia and has been distributed to all parts of the country.

Consumers who were able to purchase the uneviscerated herring product are advised to either discard it or return it for a refund. They may also call the company, TGF Production LLC, for any concerns regarding the recall. The company can be reached at 646-546-5847.