Tri-Union Seafoods LLCTri-Union Seafoods LLC announced a voluntary product recall for its canned chopped clams last April 7. The basis for recalling the product is the possible presence of an allergen that has not been declared on the product label.

The product is said to possibly contain tiny shrimp, which has been undeclared in the product label. This undeclared shellfish is considered to be an allergen. The company did the voluntary recall as a precautionary measure to keep its customers safe from any possible health risks that could be linked to the product.

The canned chopped clams are distributed and sold under the brand ‘Chicken of the Sea’ and have a net weight of 6.5 ounces. It was distributed last November until December of 2010 and has the following information:

UPC code – 0 480730 6
Product codes                                           Best-by-Date

Y7156P22UUBMJ1C                                        12/18/11
Y7156P22UUCCB1C                                         3/11/12
Y7156P22UUCCC1C                                         3/12/12
Y7156P22UUCEJ1C                                          5/18/12
Y7156P22UUCET1C                                         5/27/12

This information can be found on the can’s label.

Food allergens can cause serious allergy attacks for people who are oversensitive to certain foods. In some cases, allergy attacks can even cause death. At the time of the recall however, no health incidences had been reported which were connected to the affected chopped clams.

The company has advised its retailers to remove the affected products from its display.

The products were supplied through specific retail distribution centers: Wakefern, Pennsylvania, C&S center in New York, Vermont and Pennsylvania, Food Lion in Virginia and Pennsylvania, MDV/Nash Finch center in Virginia, and Jefferson Wholesale center in Pennsylvania.

Customers who were able to buy the affected chopped clams are advised to return the product to the store and get a refund. They may also call the company’s hotline at 1-877-843-6376. The company is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.