Unified Grocers In Commerce, California, Unified Grocers has announced a product recall on two brands of whole wheat bread due to the presence of milk, which is a common allergen. The recalled brands are Cottage Hearth Stone and 7 Select. The recall was announced after it was found out that some of the packaging of the whole wheat bread has the milk missing as its ingredient.

Both whole wheat breads have a net weight of 24 ounces. The product code on the affected products is March 26 which is mentioned on the plastic bag sealer. The UPC code for the affected Cottage Hearth Stone bread is 0-41380-80625-7, while the UPC code for the affected 7 Select bread is 52548-00181.

As milk is a common food allergen, it is important that it is listed in the ingredients of every food item that contains it. Allergy attacks triggered by milk or any other food allergen can cause serious health effects to allergy sufferers.

Currently, no recent allergy problems have been linked to this product recall. Unified Grocers is among the distributors of Classic Hearth Stone breads in retail stores in Arizona and Southern California. The company also distributes 7 Select breads to certain 7 Eleven stores in San Diego and Los Angeles, California.

Customers can opt to get full refund in case they purchased the product. They can also call the company at 323-881-4045 and request to speak to Mike Anthony. The company can be reached from Monday until Friday, from 7:30 AM until 4:30 PM Pacific Time.