Abingdon Meat Packers, Ltd. is a Canadian meat processing company headquartered in Ontario, Canada. The company primarily processes Ontario lamb and veal for its customers.

Abingdon Meat Packers, Ltd. was founded in June of 1977. Gino DeSimone established the company by buying a burned-out shell of a previously operating meatpacking plant. After buying what would be his future company’s facility, he and his sons set out to renovate it. Gino and sons Tony, Joe and Luke all did tiring work in order to renovate the facility. The entire DeSimone family invested strenuous work, personal savings and self-sacrifice in order to make their dream of building a company come true.

When Abingdon Meat Packers was established, the family decided that the business would focus on processing only veal and lamb. Their initial goal was to provide these types of meats to consumers. They soon became known in the province of Ontario as a provider of premium veal and lamb.

After 30 years of being in the business, Abingdon Meat Packers’ became a federally inspected processing plant when their new state-of-the-art facility was completed. Soon, Abingdon Meat Packers decided to slowly but steadily enter the next level. The DeSimone family began to make plans to supply large supermarket chains with their meat products. Today, Abingdon Meat Packers is also known as “Federal Establishment #373.” This is to recognize that the company is a federally inspected business, thereby assuring consumers of the safety of its products.

In all the years that the company has been operating, Abingdon Meat Packers has always provided consumers with meat of excellent quality, including consistent carcass size. The company also continues to give customers competitive pricing and good quality service. One of the company’s main goals is to compete in the market by pleasing their customers and surpass their expectations. The founders, who are still the owners, continue to have that entrepreneurial spirit, commitment to their customers, and hard work ethics that they brought when they first started the business.

The animals’ diet is a major contributing factor to the quality of meat that they have. Abingdon Meat Packers takes pride in making known to the public that what they offer is strictly lamb that has been grain-fed and veal that has been grain and milk-fed. The company’s meat products are also SILLIKER, HALAL and USDA-certified.

Headquarters: Ontario, Canada
Ownership Type: Private
Employees: Information not available
Demography: Foodservice operators


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