Collard-Greens-BundleOne of the key complaints aired by normal families is that it is too expensive to eat clean, organic food. This means that such families cannot afford organic food products, which are believed to be a healthier option compared to non-organic foods. Here are some ways to help you maximize your food budget while still managing to afford the healthiest food for your family.

Opt For Generic Organic Food

When at a grocery store, it is advisable to check for organic products of the store brand. Some of the big grocery stores such as Costco, Joe’s, and Publix have generic organic foods that are substantially less expensive than the costly brands sold at grocery retailers.

Growing your Own Food

For those not afraid of getting their hands dirty, planting a few food crops may be the best choice. For example, it is extremely easy to cultivate herbs, tomatoes, and squash at home. All these crops can be sustained in a small plot at an average suburban backyard, or a sunny balcony.

Buying in Bulk

It is also advisable to choose organic food products sold in bulk. This is because buying products in large volumes translates to reduced costs. Some products such as beans, noodles, oils, sauces, cereals, and other packaged foods last for quite a long time on shelves. Therefore, stocking up on such products is an excellent way of maximizing your spending power.

Joining a Cooperative

Several families attempting to eat healthy will join a cooperative. Cooperatives are organized buying systems that combine the buying power of several families with the aim of getting the best deals on foods such as fresh produce, local meat, and other healthy food items.