AholdHeaderImageAhold has realized 7.8 billion euros in consolidated net sales, which is approximately $10.4 billion for its fourth quarter last year. This is a 7.5% increase compared to the same period in 2011 and a 5.1% increase when steady exchange rates are considered. The international conglomerate had posted consolidated sales (net) of 32.8 billion euros for the entire year 2012, which is equivalent to $43.6 billion. This is an 8.5% increase from previous years’ (2011) net sales. Steady exchange rates would translate the rise to 3.5%.

The Amsterdam-based international retailer for the U.S. released a sales increase of 4.3% to $6.1 billion. The company noted that the strong performance was attributed to exceptional efforts by its team during Super Storm Sandy, which contributed to their stores, even in affected areas, to remain in operation and serve customers at those times. The positive impact on sales by Hurricane Sandy was in part offset by bad timing at year-end, even as the company gained a division market share.

For Ahold’s United States stores, the quarter four identical sales rose 2.4% compared to the same period in 2011. The rise was 1.4% when gasoline is excluded. With comparable fourth-quarter sales rising by 2.8%, the full year sales at Ahold U.S. stores stood at $25.8 billion, which is a 3.1% rise as compared to 2011. Identical sales rose 1.4% and 0.5% with gas excluded, with comparable sales being up 1.9%.

Ahold also said that 15 Genuardi’s locations acquired in 2012 had performed according to expectations. The retailer also added that another four pickup points had been opened for the eight in the U.S.