Aigner Chocolates, Inc. is a privately-owned chocolate and confectionery company. The company focuses on creating different kinds of handcrafted chocolates primarily crafted in Austrian style.  These recipes have been refined over the past three generations for a variety of chocolate consumers.

Aigner Chocolates was founded in the 1930’s in New York, NY. The founders of the business, the Aigner Family, created chocolates in the traditional Austrian way, making their chocolates distinct from other kinds of chocolates available in the market such as the Swiss, French, and Belgian varieties.

The Aigner family first began selling their chocolate products in their own storefront.  In 1960, John Aigner took over the management of the business when he moved from Austria to New York.  John Agner, his wife, and their son Peter lived above the store and handcrafted chocolates day and night using wooden spoons, copper kettles, and steel tables.  The business continued on as the Aigners continued to sell their handcrafted chocolates.

Soon, Peter Aigner left the business to start working at an airline company. With his new job, he was able to travel to Europe and observe the different ways that chocolate was made in various countries. He also met his wife in his travels to Europe. When Peter and Pia got married and settled down, they decided to return to New York and open their own store in Queens. In their store, they would make chocolates in the old style, which their customers would soon come to love.

Soon, Peter and Pia expanded their chocolate business when they opened a shop in Astoria and another in Manhasset. Eventually, they took over John Aigler’s chocolate business, adding the shop to the ones that they were already managing. In the succeeding years, Aigner Chocolates continued to grow and be patronized by more and more chocolate lovers.

Today, the business is being managed by siblings Chris, Peter and Stephanie Aigner, Peter and Pia Aigner’s children. The siblings continue to make sure that Aigner Chocolates are created just the way they were created when their ancestors had managed the business. They also make sure that all Aigner Chocolates have the same consistency, freshness, and high-quality ingredients that customers have learned to expect.

Aigner Chocolates offers different kinds of chocolate products including chocolate gift boxes, bagged and foiled chocolates.  Aigner Choclates now offers gourmet chocolates, sugar-free chocolates, chocolate pops and of course, traditional chocolates.

Headquarters:  New York, USA
Ownership Type: Private
Employees: Information not available
Geography: USA
Demography: Chocolate consumers
Aigner Chocolates

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