Aisle50, a group buying-outlet for groceries that offers Groupon-size discounts has entered into a partnership with three retailers to give discounts to buyers of CPG products.

The three operators, Lowes Foods, Supervalu and Homeland Stores will allow their customers to access promotions through These discount deals are accessible for those who are willing to buy in advance. Aisle50 .com will list the deals that Shop ‘n’ Save customers can select from and get a discount of between 30% – 50 %.

A Shop ‘n’ Save shopper visits the web site to purchase the product he wants, and pays a discounted price using their credit card. During their shopping trip, they would normally be charged the normal product price, except that they are charged nothing except tax as they had paid in advance. In addition, ones Perks loyalty card is also loaded. This has been considered to be a big saving method on the part of consumers.

According to Aisle50, there will be no waste in distribution costs for manufacturers as they only pay when someone actually goes to the store to get the products. The manufacturers will only pay for performance. The manufacturers also have the power to limit the number of products that are available under the discount deal. Shoppers have a few months to redeem the deal.

Aisle50, which was started in June 2011, is an online provider and group buying-outlet for groceries that offers discount deals. It is located in Chicago and lists its co-founders as Chris Steiner and Riley Scott. The site gives daily grocery deals that are integrated with supermarket loyalty cards.