Discount chain ALDI has finally had its request approved and can now start construction on its Broadway Market store. The store will be located in the neighborhood of Broadway-Filmore, just across Broadway Market in Buffalo, New York.

The new ALDI store on Broadway Market is estimated to cost a total of $1.1 million. Construction is expected to begin this summer, with the company hoping it will be finished by late 2011 or early 2012. The voting happened Tuesday of this week, and ended with a 5-1 result. Prior to arriving at this result, the Planning Board had a debate regarding the store’s design. The board discussed on whether the store’s design would fit the urban environment of Broadway Market.

One month ago, the discount chain’s project manager had been advised by city planners to revise the design of the store, eliminating front parking and bringing the store more close to the street. This suggested design, according to the planners, would promote pedestrian access. Christopher Kambar, project manager for ALDI, revised the store design and made it closer by 30 feet to Broadway. The parking slots have also been reduced so that now it will only have 13 slots instead of 21.

Members of the Planning Board however were still not satisfied with the revisions that have been made. According to former planning director Frank Manuele, it looked like ALDI did not make any effort at all in changing the design, plus there is still front parking. According to Kambar, it has been a struggle for him to create a design that would consider both ALDI’s and the Board’s preferences. In the end, Kambar agreed to further lessen parking slots and create more ‘pedestrian amenities’, like benches, on the store’s exterior walls.

At the end of the voting, only board member Manuele gave his opposition to the ALDI project.