Aldi SupermarketSupermarket giant ALDI has been sued by worker Susan Ayoub for injuring both her finger and her back while working for the supermarket.

According to Ms. Ayoub, she got the injury on her back while she was stacking pallets for the Mudgeeraba ALDI supermarket. The injury left her being unable to move when the pain hits. Three months after that injury, she got another one again during work. Ms. Ayoub broke a finger while on duty at ALDI’s. Because of the injuries that she suffered, she has decided to sue ALDI for over $550,000.

A spokesperson for the supermarket chain declined to give a comment about the issue, especially that the matter is already being processed at court. Ms. Ayoub however, commented that the injuries that she got while working have contributed to her life being ruined. Ms. Ayoub also added that even if it has been two years since the injuries occurred, she still experiences chronic pain which makes her unable to get out of bed. Ms. Ayoub said she has not regained her independence since the back injury, and she is only 49-years old. She added that being unable to do housework or walk along beaches, she does not have anything to anticipate in anymore. She feels that the situation is unfair and she is quite devastated.

Susan Ayoub has filed a civil charge against ALDI at the Southport District Court for damages worth $559,145. She will be represented by attorney Gavin Mills, a lawyer specializing in personal injuries. Ms. Ayoub said that if she recovered fully from the injuries, she would not have sued ALDI because she loved her job there and would not have left if she had still been able to work. However, after two unsuccessful back operations, she was still left with a 23% impairment, leaving her debilitated.