Discount chain ALDI is one of the companies that are experiencing a growth in market share this year. This is certainly positive news for the company, despite continuing food inflation and economic crisis.

This growth in market share for ALDI can be attributed to consumers who are either challenged financially, or else are becoming more budget-conscious because of the status of the world’s economy. Because ALDI offers a much lower price in all of its items as compared to regular supermarkets, it is no surprise that people would naturally visit and buy from its stores just to be able to save money. Also, customers are constantly looking for deals and sales, ways in order to make the most of their money, and ALDI is able to offer them that opportunity.

Aside from ALDI, Lidl (another discount chain) has also showed an increased market share for the same reason as ALDI’s. Both discount chains increased their market shares, especially in the U.K. market where ALDI’s share increased from 3.5% to 20.2%.

In the United States, ALDI is steadily growing as well; the chain has been opening new stores in different parts of the country. ALDI is now even considered a major and active competitor of giant grocery chains like Wal-Mart. Although the discount chain offers limited assortment, it makes up for that limitation by selling mostly private label brands that are much less expensive than popular brands that are sold at larger grocery stores and supermarkets. As a result, more and more people end up buying most of their grocery needs at ALDI.