Allied Bakeries is the producer of UK’s most popular brands of bread. The company has its head office in Berkshire, UK.


Allied Bakeries was founded in 1935 by Willard G. Weston. When he began the company, he started by putting up seven bakeries. These independent bakeries were located in different parts of London, Cardiff, and Edinburgh. Initially, the company was named Food Investments Limited, but was later changed to Allied Bakeries.

By 1938, Allied Bakeries was able to buy nine more bakeries, doubling its size to more than 15 bakeries. By the 1950s, the company began selling loaves under the Sunblest brand. By 1952, the company was running a total of 50 bakeries and by 1966, this number had grown to 84 bakeries.

In the 1960s, Weston formed what would soon become Allied Bakeries’ parent company, Associated British Foods. In 1979, Allied Bakeries was able to acquire six Spillers Bakeries and in the 1980s was able to purchase the Allinson Brand. It was also in the same time that the company first introduced its whole meal bread to the market.

In 1984, the Allinson brand partnered with The British Heart Foundation for the purpose of highlighting the benefits of fiber and wholegrain in one’s diet. In 1986, Mighty White, Allied Bakeries’ white, soft grain loaf was introduced to the market. It received great feedback from consumers and in no time became a popular bread in the country. Four years later, the company introduced another brand of breads, the Kingsmill brand.

In 1997, the company launched linseed and burgen soya. In 2006, Allied Bakeries relocated from its old headquarters in Staines to a new one in Maidenhead. A year after, the company re-launched the Kingsmill brand and in 2009,  Allied Bakeries launched the “Little BIG Loaf,” which are small loaves of bread that have full-size slices.

In 2010, Allied Bakeries launched a new product called Oatlicious. In 2011, the company introduced bread bags which are completely made from recycled waste that came from “Little BIG Loaf” and “Crusts Away!”.

Currently, Allied Bakeries produces a wide variety of baked goods such as rolls, crumpets, buns, pancakes, muffins and wraps. The company is one of the divisions of UK giant Associated British Foods Plc.

Headquarters:  Berkshire,UK
Ownership Type: a subsidiary of Associated British Foods
Geography: UK
Demography: retail bread consumers


Kingsmill, Burgen, Allinson, Sunblest

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