Amber Lyn Chocolates is a family-owned chocolate confectionery business specializing in sugar-free chocolate products.

Amber Lyn Chocolates was established in 1999 by former highway patrol officer Lyman Peterson. Peterson came up with the idea of putting up his own chocolate business when he could not find sugar-free chocolates that satisfied his taste.

Because he was prescribed with a low-carbohydrate, high-protein diet, Peterson was challenged to find confectionery items with little or less sugar in them. Being a chocolate lover, Peterson set out to find sugar-free chocolates that suited his taste. Unfortunately, he could not find such chocolates. When Peterson went to Belgium, he discovered that there were pure chocolates that had no preservatives or fillers. These chocolates were also high in anti-oxidants. The best part of it was, despite being pure and sugar-free, the chocolates had a smooth and rich texture, and a great taste nothing like the sugar-free chocolates that he tried before.

Peterson ordered these chocolates from Belgium, brought them home and started his chocolate business. He used a second-hand melter for the chocolates and hand-wrapped the individual chocolate bars. Soon, customers were ordering more and more of Peterson’s chocolate and he eventually reached 10,000 orders.

At that point, Peterson decided to move his company out of his basement. He bought a high-speed wrapper and some commercial melters. Peterson decided to name his chocolates and his company, Amber Lyn Chocolates, after his daughter. Soon, Amber Lyn Chocolates became known as the preferred brand of sugar-free chocolates, not only in its hometown, but also in other parts of the country as well.

Currently, Peterson is active in his “chocolate road shows” at different retail locations in order to introduce his sugar-free chocolates to new consumers. Much of what Peterson talks about in these road shows is how good chocolates can be for the body and that people who have health concerns (such as Celiac diseases or diabetes) can still have chocolates of the sugar-free variety.

The company is so confident in the great quality and taste of its products that it assures customers that they can return uneaten Amber Lyn Chocolates if they do not find them to their liking.

Headquarters: Utah, USA
Ownership Type: Private
Employees: Information not available
Geography: USA
Demography: Retail chocolate consumers

Amber Lyn Chocolates

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