A&P will be closing three SuperFresh stores that it says are under performing. The closures of the stores will be done in early 2013 and will affect stores under their Philadelphia operations. The retailer has given the closing dates as January 11.

The three locations that will be affected are located in the southern New Jersey suburbs of Haddon Township, Plainsboro and Evesham. The retail management had to make the requisite notice to the union, which it made last week. Employees that would be affected were also notified on November 9. The three store closures will leave the retailer with 22 SuperFresh locations in operation.

A&P was founded by George Gilman and George Huntington Hartford in 1859. Then the retailer dealt mainly in coffee and tea, but later introduced other merchandise with time. The chain had 16,000 stores at its peak in the 1930’s. It operates under various banners including The Food Emporium, A&P Food Market, Food Basics USA, Pathmark, A&P Super FoodMart, WaldBaums, SuperFresh, A&P Warehouse Liquors and Best Cellars. As of 2011 the retailer had 338 locations.

The retailer went through trying times as well as many store closures. In 2011, the retailer filed for bankruptcy under chapter 11, but private investors came in with an equity and debt financing agreement. The agreement helped to get the retailer past the bankruptcy crisis in 2012. It is now a private company.

A&P is the common known name for The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company, as it is known in full. Having been around for more than fifteen decades (153 years to be precise) the retailer hopes to weather the closure storms and be more competitive in the tight grocery store industry.