ARA Food Corporation is a privately owned Florida, US company that primarily produces and distributes plantain chips.

ARA Food Corporation was established by founder Alberto R. Abrante in 1975 with support of his family and his father Manuel.

ARA Foods was created with the purpose of producing a tropical snack that became popular to many of consumers: plantain chips. Because the process of producing the chips was quite complex, the company had to develop special techniques in order to commercially produce the chips.

In its early years, ARA Food’s facility was a 7,000 square foot rented warehouse. After 2 ½ years, the company bought its own building.  In the succeeding years, the company continued to grow slowly and steadily, all because of the management and the employees’ dedication and hard work. Soon, ARA Food Corporation was able to add more equipment to its facility. The company was also able to acquire more property that was converted to processing facilities and distribution centers.

Aside from plantain chips, the company began to offer more products such as sweet potato chips, cassava chips, pork cracklings, and pork rinds. All of these products were created under strict compliance with the safety and quality controls set by process and quality control experts. As proof of the safety of its operations, the company’s facilities have been certified by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and AIB International.

Aside from producing and retailing its various snack chips, ARA Foods also entered into co-packing agreements with some of its customers. Aside from its US customers, the company also distributes its products to the markets of Puerto Rico. ARA Food’s chips are marketed under the brands Mariquitas Classic®, Ara Real®,Tropical Chips, Doñita®, Natura®, Yu-qui-tas®, Rico’s ®, and Top Banana®

Today, the new generation of company leaders continue to be involved actively in the success of the company and is  looking forward to a very promising future.

Headquarters: Miami, Florida
Ownership Type: Private
Employees: Information not available
Geography: USA, Puerto Rico
Demography: Retail snackfood consumers

Mariquitas Classic®, Ara Real®,Tropical Chips, Doñita®, Natura®, Yu-qui-tas®, Rico’s ®, Top Banana®

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