Arnold Meat Packers is a family-run meat processing business headquartered in Ontario, Canada.

Since its beginning, Arnold Meat Packers has been an independently owned business, run by professionals who are dedicated and experienced in the industry of meat processing.

The company recently renovated and upgraded their Kitchener facility as part of improving its performance in the industry. Arnold Meat Packers became dormant for a time in 2008, with its 56,000-sq. ft. facility not having much operation activity. However, this same facility is now back in operation and producing beef and pork products of excellent quality. Arnold Meat Packers’ goal is to become a well-loved processed meat supplier, first in all of Ontario, then to all consumers around the world.

Arnold Meat Packers deals primarily with beef and pork products, mostly processing cull sows and cows. Through the support of cull and sow farmers, coupled with hard work, skill and dedication, the company believes that the Arnold’s brand will become synonymous with meat of the highest quality. The company also places high priority on customer satisfaction, as that is one of the best ways a business can become loved and trusted in any market.

Arnold Meat Packers believes that to become a company that is well trusted comes from the way it processes its products and how the company’s facility is run. Earning certifications for food and worker safety are proof that the company operates a clean and safe establishment. Arnold Meat Packers is a HACCP-certified meat processing company. This certification is one of the most important needed by a processing company in order to assure consumers that all processes in the operation are safe and hazard-free.

Arnold Meat Packers assures the public that in all of its processes, safety is never neglected nor compromised. All of the slaughtering is done in a facility that is considerate of animal welfare and in a humane manner, which ultimately results in excellent meat quality.

Some of the products offered by Arnold Meat Packers include Fresh Carcass (Sow sides), Ungraded Boxed Sows, Ungraded Fresh or Frozen Trims and Ungraded Sow Cuts (Fresh and in Combo).

Headquarters: Kitchener,Ontario
Ownership Type: Private
Employees: Information not available
Demography: Food retail companies, foodservice businesses

Arnold Meat Packers

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