Plastic Bag TaxAssemblyman Micah Kellner of New York is sponsoring a law that would oblige a 25-cent tax on every single plastic bag that is used to hold groceries and other store commodities in New York. As plastic does not decompose and stays in the environment for over a thousand years, the Bill was created with the intention of encouraging consumers to stop using plastic bags and start using reusable ones.

The bill will make way for the use of reusable grocery bags, which are made from canvas, or sometimes recycled plastic. What the bill also proposes is that shoppers can deposit a quarter in exchange for a reusable shopping bag. City hall will then collect these deposits after a year.

According to Hilex Poly (the country’s largest manufacturer and recycler of plastic bags) spokesperson David Vermillion, Kellner’s bill will be imposing a $3.75 tax on a family every time they go grocery shopping. This amount would be enough to buy milk for the children. Vermillion also stressed that plastic bags are fully recyclable and a lot of municipalities are already taking action to make it easy for consumers to recycle plastic bags.

Currently, Kellner’s bill does not have a lot of footing, as he has yet to find another lawmaker as co-sponsor. If this bill does pass, it would be up to the New York City Council to submit an actual tax.

Currently, Kellner has been continuing his efforts to promote reusable bags by standing outside stores in his district handing out tote bags to shoppers. He hopes that shoppers will use his tote bag instead of the plastic ones that are provided by the stores.