aussieAussie is a brand of cosmetic products manufactured and sold by Procter & Gamble. Products produced under this brand are mainly hair care products like shampoos, hair serums, gels, sprays and conditioners. The brand contains certain natural ingredients from Australia. The logo of the brand is a kangaroo, which is native to Australia. Procter & Gamble in America manufacture the brand. P&G bought the brand in 2003 and it has been very successful.

Tom Redmond founded Aussie in 1979. This was an American businessman who had over 20 years of experience in the salon industry. In one of his visits to Australia, Tom discovered that a variety of ingredients found in the country could be used in the manufacture of hair products. These ingredients included Blue gum leaves, apple quandong, wild cherry bark, Australian custard, mint balm, and jojoba seed oil. These inspired Tom to produce the first Aussie product, Australian 3 Minute Miracle.

Although Aussie has always been marketed as a product of Australia, Procter & Gamble stopped selling the Aussie products in Australia. This is because the sales revenue from the country was too low to justify the investment in the region. Aussie has since grown to become an international brand and its products are now sold elsewhere around the world.

Some of the products produced under the Aussie brand are:

  • Color Mate
  • Take the Heat
  • Miracle Moist
  • Luscious Long
  • Miracle Light
  • Aussome Volume
  • Confidently Clean
  • You Can Shine
  • Instant Freeze
  • Aussie Men

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