Azteca Foods, Incorporated is a privately-owned food processing company headquartered in Illinois, USA. The company is engaged in the processing of tortilla products, for distribution to both the food service industry and the food retail industry.

Azteca Foods was established in the Chicago neighbourhood by Art Vaelasquez and nine of his business partners, all Mexican-American. Velasquez and his business partners were all members of the organization Azteca Lions Club, hence the origin of the company’s name, which was originally Azteca Corn Products Corporation.

Azteca was established because of the founders’ passion for all foods Mexican. They wanted to provide consumers with great quality food that are of Mexican origin.  Aside from that goal, the founders also wanted to be able to contribute to their community’s economic development.  At the time, Mexican food was not especially popular with American consumers and so the founders of the company aimed to introduce traditional foods from Mexico to different groups of consumers in the United States.

In 1984, Azteca was purchased by The Pillsbury Company and became its wholly-owned subsidiary. With this, the brand Azteca® began  to be recognized. The brand started to grow significantly due to its broad product line, as well as products being created with the use of new technology as well as production facilities that were advanced. Five years after, in 1989, Velasquez brought back the company from Pillsbury and renamed it Azteca Foods, Inc.

Today, Azteca Foods Inc. is a multi-million dollar food business that continues to be privately-owned. It is also considered to be one of the pioneering companies to be engaged in the business of frozen tortillas. The company has a 100, 000 square feet manufacturing facility that has state-of-the-art equipment for processing its food products. It now employs more than 135 people, working to provide consumers with great-tasting, excellent quality tortilla products.

Azteca takes pride in being the first company to produce refrigerated tortilla products that have fewer preservatives. Despite having only a few preservatives, these products still have an extended shelf-life and maintain excellent quality. Even today, the company continues to work on revolutionizing the tortilla industry. The recent additions to its product line are “bake-and-fill salad shells” and the Azteca® Meal Essentials

Headquarters: Summit-Argo, Illinois
Ownership Type: Private
Employees: More than 135
Geography: USA
Demography: Foodservice operators, retail food consumers


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