Bargain Booze is a chain of premier off-license and grocery stores in the U.K. The store chain has hundreds of stores located in different parts of the U.K. and primarily sells discounted goods, even branded ones.


Bargain Booze was created by the company Fascias and was first franchised in the year 1988. Aside from Bargain Booze, Fascias also created other off-licence and grocery stores under the names Select Convenience, Thorougoods Select and Thorougoods.

Bargain Booze stores gained a solid following in the U.K. because of the products that it offered, which are sold under a discounted price. From wines and spirits to convenience goods, all of these products are sold at a price lower than those offered at conventional grocery stores. The stores also sell ready-to-drink beverages, snacks and crisps.

The deals that Bargain Booze and its sister stores offer provide very good value on whatever quantity every customer buys. Customers are able to benefit more from the stores’ multi-buy offers, allowing customers to save a lot despite buying a lot from Bargain Booze’s stores.

Bargain Booze’s sister company Thorougoods offers products like news, tobacco, confectionery and convenience goods. Like Bargain Booze, Thorougoods sells items at promotional prices. Both stores offer consumers in the U.K.a very good shopping alternative, especially during times of financial difficulties. Customers who want to spend less and get more from their money can do their grocery shopping at Bargain Booze or any of its sister stores.

Despite selling at promotional prices, all items at the stores are of premium quality, including those branded ones. The stores’ wide range of goods is supplied by the company’s two distribution centers via a convoy of lorries that carry the Bargain Booze logo.

The Bargain Booze fleet helps the company promote its reputation by providing optimized deliveries, as well as providing a return course for recyclable items. The store chain has been recognized for continuing to provide responsible retailing and for being one of the first companies to bring back all cardboard and plastics to the depot to be recycled.

For a long time now, Bargain Booze has been working hard to keep its commitment to the environment. It has been so serious in its recycling program that it has increased its plastic recycling 11 fold, and its cardboard recycling 16 fold. The store chain has also introduced the use of recyclable bags, which also aims to lessen the number of bags that are used in the stores

Headquarters: Cheshire, England
Ownership Type: private
Employees: information not available
Geography: UK
Demography: retail products consumers, quantity shoppers


Bargain Booze

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