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For over 20 years, Barrington Chemical Corporation has  been recognized for their pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement products.

Company Description

Using science-based ingredients, Barrington Chem Corp provides nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and functional foods for the industry. Produced in warehouses across the country, using sources from around the world, Barrington Chemical Corporation provides sources for vitamins, minerals, excipients and herbs. These are used in many industries including food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and pet foods. Barrington is categorized as a Chemical Wholesaler. Established in 1991, Barringtons main office is located in Harrison, NY, with two others in Utah and California. Barrington Chemical Corporation provides customers with these products to help problem-solving as well as promote a healthier lifestyle and better overall wellness.


There are ten groups of materials and products which make up the range of what Barrington has to offer. They are br0ken down into amino acids, dietary minerals, vitamins, sweeteners, excipients, fibers, specialty items, botanicals, carotenoids and other.

Within these categories are a number of different options:

  • 23 Amino Acids, which are the building blocks of proteins and intermediates in metabolism. There are 9 essential amino acids which must be obtained from food sources.  These amino acids play many roles in the human body. They stimulate immune function, energy production, healing. tissue repair and stress relief, among others. 
  • 14 Dietary Minerals, which are essential to bone, teeth, muscle, blood, tissue and new cell production. These are divided into micro and macro mineral groups. Dietary minerals are chemical elements that are required by living organisms. Appropriate intake levels are recommended to maintain health and wellness.
  • 13 Vitamins, which run the gamut from Vitamin A through K1. Low levels of vitamins can cause deficiency which can lead to disease. Vitamins are broken into water or fat soluble. Some function as hormones, others as anti-oxidants. Most vitamins are obtained from food, but many times we do not consume the proper amounts and need supplements. Cooking may also have an effect  on vitamin loss due to heat exposure and cutting.
  • 7 sweeteners, also known as sugar substitutes. These duplicate the effect of sugar in taste but has less calories. There are natural and synthetic (artificial) sweeteners. These are used to assist in weight loss, dental care, diabetes, hypoglycemia and generally cost less. Artificial sweeteners may help curb cravings, but do still contain calories so they should be added appropriately. Most artificial sweeteners are at least 100 times stronger than table sugar, and so should be used sparingly.
  •  22 excipients, which are inert substances that are used as a vehicle for a drug. These are typically known as bulking agents, or diluents. They aid in facilitating flowability and non-stick properties.
  • 2 Dietary Fibers, acting as a sweetener and thickening agents. Fiber is the indigestible portion of food derived from plants. The specific fiber used by Barrington is a sweetener that has a lower glycemic index than regular sugar.
  • 13 specialty items ranging from syrups to pigments to plant extracts that provide solutions for food care and physical health. These items can prevent food rancidity and nutritional deterioration while promoting eye care, weight loss maintenance, and cardiovascular health among others.
  • 12 Botanicals, or components derived from plants. These specific botanicals promote physical health, functioning as anti-oxidants, fat burners, increasing cognitive functions, circulation and brain function.
  • 3 Carotenoids that act as anti-oxidants, preventing cancer and heart disease while enhancing the immune system and response to infection.
  •  Citric Acid, a “natural cleanser,” and Sodium Citrate, an anti-coagulant, stabilizer and emulsifier.

Agave Plant



Barrington is also partnered with 10 different companies, which specialize in agri-business, organics, biochemical and nutraceuticals. Agaviotica, located in Mexico, is the main provider of Agave Inulin. Divis Nutraceuticals provides carotenoids, vitamins and active ingredients out of India. Huber and Brom are leaders in the chemical manufacturing industry. Purefruit, originating from the monk fruit, is a natural low-calorie sweetener harvested by Buddhist monks in the Asian hillsides.

Trade Shows 

Barrington Chem Corp holds events across the country which are used to educate consumers and customers about new product releases, upcoming product releases and knowledge enhancement. The expos are also used to provide business developments, information about innovative advancements around the world, and familiarity with global food trends. In addition to the trade show appearances, Barrington offers a blog which can be accessed directly through their website. The blog contains articles about the various products, vitamins, minerals, etc. It also offers suggestions on proper use of the products to promote the specific health solutions they can provide.


At the time of publishing, a list of customers and clients is not available.

Contact Information

Corporate Office:
500 Mamaroneck Avenue
Harrison, NY 10528
Phone: 800-684-CHEM or 914-381-3500
Fax: 914-381-2232