groceryKing Retail Solutions (KRS) recently concluded a consumer research survey that studied where consumers are spending their time and money and how they feel about where they shop.

According to this survey, U.S. consumers most frequently visit big box retailers such as Walmart and Target, among others, the figures are 3 out of 5 U.S. shoppers to be precise. Shoppers are obviously attracted to low prices, but beyond this, consumers shop more where they can get supreme value. KRS feels that the survey provides an insight on what people are feeling, perceiving and thinking about the shopping experience.

The firm acknowledges that shoppers are complex, as they would declare one thing today and sometimes would do it and sometimes won’t. The survey was conducted during the summer period this year with a sample size of approximately 1,000 consumers polled across the nation. The consumers polled had the millennial, generation X and Baby Boomers categories equally represented with both genders represented. The questions ranged from how the consumers value and perceive the retail environment in grocery stores, clothing retailers and home goods providers. Other questions asked include; what elements of the shopping experience appeal to you the most? And, how does the shopping experience at a favorite retailer make you feel?

The 2012 Retailing Summit Conference that was held in Dallas, Texas was the forum for the launch of the shopper insights study. The participants were requested to rank their three most frequented retailers in order. Big box retailers topped each list.

King Retail Solutions is based in Eugene, Oregon. It is a retail design firm that offer services for retail store design, store branding, distribution and installation services to national and multi-national retailers.