Bonté Foods is a privately owned food manufacturing company that caters to food service operators, food retail companies and institutional organizations. The company is headquartered in New Brunswick, Canada.

Bonté Foods Ltd began in 1977, operating under the name Greco Foods Ltd. The company started with the purpose of supplying an increasing number of restaurants with pizza products and donair sauce. When donair products started to become popular, the company began producing and selling to different clients all throughout Atlantic Canada.

Today, Bonté Foods is now supplying customers with its products all throughout Canada. Aside from its donair product range, the company also sells pepperoni, gyros, bagels, pizza sauce, salami, pita bread and soups. These products are all made in the company’s federally inspected facility in Dieppe,New Brunswick. This facility has received a HACCP certification, proving that the company’s processes are safe and hazard-free. Bonté Foods’ products are found in a number of retail supermarkets and grocery chains in all of Canada.

Bonté Foods continues to work on creating new products that will excite and entice consumers. This is also the company’s way of coping with an ever increasing and ever changing market. Since the company started its operations, Bonté Foods has earned a reputation of providing great quality food products and excellent service to its customers.

Bonté Foods also places great importance on quality control. Its facility, aside from being federally inspected, also contains an on-site quality assurance laboratory. This enables the company to conduct and process its own quality control testing, as well as research and development. Bonté Foods also has a warehouse with an area of more than 60,000 square feet, including a 7,800 square-foot freezer space. After its recent fourth expansion, the company now has more than 150 employees. Part of the company’s expansion program is the expansion of its bakery and freezer. This has led the company to create new products (more bakery products and more refrigerated processed meat products) that are well loved by consumers. Among Bonté’s new hit products are spiced meat loaves and Gyros meat cones.

Headquarters: Dieppe,New Brunswick
Ownership Type: Private
Employees: More than 150
Demography:  Foodservice operators, food retail companies, institutional organizations

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