What inspired someone to produce a peachy habañero sauce, or a sassy, ashy chevre, or a pine-laced white Bordeaux may be simple or mysterious. It could be Mom or Montezuma, but their passion and persistence brought it to market.

In the US, there’s a perpetual parade of brands from makers with visions of adding something special to your table.  Makers from everywhere, with everything from artisanal cheese to international oils, stock our world famous pantry of plenty.

Our ‘Brands & Makers’ explores what’s in the aisles, farm markets, and online stores to provide an ever-growing catalog of what’s new, classic, radical and maybe raspberry-tinged. From old family favorites to foods that might scare Aunt Aggie, to wines that make tongues sing.

The widest range of choices is in New York City (of course), where cultures cross, co-mingle and cook their diverse meals. It’s a melding pot where almost everything is available, in some form, somewhere.

Naturally, NYC is home to more than a thousand food and drink companies (and that doesn’t include the Churros chicas or Halal fellows). Ibrahim Sahadi opened his doors in 1898 and there are others from every established ethnic group in town. At Hot Bread Kitchen, women from around the world make breads like they did at home to sell in GrowNYC’s green markets.

We are bringing these creators and their products to your attention on Grocery.com. It’s just part of what we do to connect shoppers, stores, and brands for the sake of your table and their success.