What do local grocers, growers, butchers, bakers, makers, fish mongers & wine sellers have for you to savor and save on? Get what’s good, and do good, in your neighborhood. Local Shopping gives you great choices from people in your neighborhood that work to satisfy your needs, wants and curiosity.

Local Shopping (vs. online shopping) is a universal way to join with others in the ancient art of hunting and gathering. Going to the store may sometimes be a bother, but it’s a ritual with complex aspects of community, communication, nourishment, and anticipation. Pondering your wants, surveying your options, gauging what’s good, and seeing what others choose provides you with a little social engagement. You’ll get more if you ask.

Our first social network

Long ago, people would travel far to find more interesting foods and food for thought. The marketplace was where you caught up on local and outside news; where you saw friends, sellers and strangers; and where you’d connect to the larger world.

Today, depending on how you shop, you can join the local shopping scene on whatever level you like. Your involvement depends on your personal desires, or needs. You can find the basics cheap, or explore for better options, or pursue the very finest in local or artisanal products.

There are remarkable foods and wines that you may only learn of through a whisper, from a customer or seller in a shop, and by being curious and open. To misquote Blanche Dubois: “I have always relied upon the guidance of strangers.” To feed your body is the chance to feed your soul. Take it.

The Art of The Grocer, and the Baker, and the…

These days, learning about food is almost without end, and some are intimidated by the foodie revolution, but our most facile muscle is also our most rewarding – with flavors. Feed your tongue, not just your belly, with the help of those whose business and pleasure it is to know about food and wine. Your grocer and others will help you get what’s best for your tongue, your palate, your taste, your satisfaction.

If they expand your ‘Foodieness’, they can offer you more adventures in eating and drinking. This is what makes them happy – to share their insights with customers. This can’t always be done personally, so we’ve developed a way to present all your sellers in one place online.

LOCALLY: Your neighborhood food & wine resource

On LOCALLY, at Grocery.com, you can connect with grocers, growers, butchers, bakers, makers, fish mongers, wine sellers and more about one thing: getting what’s good on the table. ‘Good’ could mean exotic, on sale, favorite, etc.

We call it LOCALLY because nothing compares to choosing fresh food and good drink from a nearby source, even if it’s not your usual neighborhood store. It’s the easiest way to know what’s happening, what’s new, and what’s on sale. And it’s fast, simple and free.

Check out LOCALLY to see which sellers in your neighborhood want to offer you an easy way to learn about them, their stores, and their offers for you.

LOCALLY provides customers with:

  • Information about local stores and owners
  • In-depth information on green market vendors
  • Perspective on how a store serves an area
  • Noteworthy features of a store
  • Departments and specialties
  • News on new, recommended items
  • First word on limited offerings of products
  • Weekly and Daily specials or deals
  • Weekly email of neighborhood specials
  • Communication channel with stores
  • Local food issues and safety alerts
  • Opportunities to hear from specific sellers

LOCALLY provides stores and brands with:

  • An introduction to a much larger customer base
  • An efficient method to inform current and potential shoppers
  • A connection for starting a relationship
  • A channel to influence a shopper’s behavior
  • An opening to market-test a product or service
  • A way to strengthen connections by sharing news
  • An easy, fast, affordable method for advertising
  • A targeted marketing opportunity
  • A way to understand customer needs and wants

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