512px-Kraft_CouponA British teenager purchased about $1000 worth of groceries for only $6 after collecting hundreds of coupons. He then proceeded to give the grocery items bought to charity. This is clear evidence that grocery coupons are an excellent way of saving money. It is recommended for shoppers to take advantage of grocery coupons and look out for special offers or discounts. The Telegraph reported that 16-year old Jordan Cox perused through magazines and website, and managed to gather 457 grocery coupons. Cox then bought the groceries and gave them to a charity that provides food to disadvantaged households.

Cox told The Telegraph that he had read an article that stated a large number of people in the United Kingdom were not able eat this festive season because of lack of money. For this reason, he made the decision to assist as many people as he could. He also aimed at showing people that shopping very cheaply is possible, especially if one knows how to do so. Cox started gathering coupons the previous year following his parents’ splitting. Following the split, Cox’s mother, who earned a small salary, struggled to purchase groceries. According to the estimates given by Cox, coupons have enabled him to save at least $3,200 on shopping. In addition, he has managed to stock several groceries at home. Cox has plans of launching a coupon-hunting site this coming year to assist people to save on grocery shopping.

Cox’s case is a clear indication that coupons are gaining popularity across several countries. The Internet and print media are among the most common sources of coupon news. Gathering such coupons for a given period would go a long way in saving thousand of dollars on shopping.