Oregon-based company BUI Natural Tofu announced on September 10, a recall for specific varieties of its salad rolls. The affected products were recalled because of the presence of undeclared allergens in the products ingredients.

The recall was issued after it was found by the state’s Department of Agriculture that the products contained wheat and soy, ingredients that have not been declared in the product’s packaging. Wheat and soy are known to be common food allergens, which trigger allergic reactions in people who are sensitive to it. The recall was announced with the knowledge of the FDA.

Consumers who are allergic to wheat or soy, or both, are strongly advised not to consume the recalled salad rolls so as to avoid triggering an allergy attack.

The recalled salad roll varieties are “Shrimp Salad Roll” (UPC code 8-95467-00203-8) and “Vegetarian Salad Roll” (UPC code 8-95467-00204-5). These products are sold under the “BUI Fresh from the Bean” brand. The recalled salad rolls are packed in trays and wrapped with clear plastic. The products’ expiration dates, which range from 9/2 to 9/13, is printed on a white sticker placed on the product’s packaging. The recalled products are displayed in the refrigerated products section of retail stores and have a shelf life of three days.

The recalled salad rolls were distributed to various retail stores in the area of Portland, Oregon. Customers who were able to buy the recalled products are advised to return it to the store for a complete refund. Consumers may also call the company at 503-803-3059 from 8 AM to 5 PM, Pacific Standard Time.