capri sunCapri Sun is a brand name for juice beverage and is mostly available in markets in easy to carry, foil pouches with lamination.

Capri Sun was first introduced in 1969 by a German-based company known as WILD. Twelve years later in 1981, Capri Sun was introduced in the United States with Kraft Foods becoming a licensed partner for production and marketing in North America. Capri Sun is also popular in European countries other than Germany such as Netherlands, France and Belgium, as well as Ireland and the United Kingdom. Coca-Cola serves as the official marketing and production partner for Capri Sun in these regions. Capri Sun has found immense popularity among parents and kids. Its nutritious ingredients being the number one reason for its success along with the easy to serve and take along packaging. Capri Sun boasts of no artificial preservatives or food colorings or flavors.

Capri Sun also offers a number of products on the market that consumers can choose from. Some notable Capri Sun brand types include Capri Sun juice drinks, which are manufactured from real fruit juice. Capri Sun 100% juice, which consists of 75% fruit juice and 25% fruit servings. Other products include Capri Sun Super V Juice Drink, which is a vegetables/fruits combination juice drink and Capri Sun waters; flavored water beverages that contains 30 calories for each serving. The nutrition content of Capri Sun was further boosted in 2008, when all Capri Sun products’ sugar levels were reduced 25% as compared to the other soft drinks and juices leading brands. All these factors, together with its uniqueness in pouch packing, make it a successful brand with a total of over USD 500 million of revenues.

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