Casco Corn Products InternationalCasco is a leading producer and supplier of high-quality industrial additives and food ingredients in Canada. Its Canadian headquarters is located in Ontario while its main headquarters is located in Illinois, USA.

Business partners Thomas Aspden and William T. Benson founded Casco in September of 1858 as a corn wet-milling company. Originally, Casco was named “Benson & Aspden,” while its factory was known as the “Canada Corn Starch Works.”

During the early years, the company only extracted starch from corn and then refined the starch to produce products for textile use and culinary applications. In May of 1860, Aspen sold his company shares to Benson, leaving William T. Benson as the sole owner and leading to the renaming of the company as W.T. Benson & Company. Two years later, the company was given recognition at the London International Exhibition for its “Prepared Corn Starch.”

In January of 1865, the company became incorporated and its name became Edwardsburg Starch Company Limited. William T. Benson became the company’s managing director at this time, while Walter Shanly became company president. In May of 1872, the company placed its first advertisement in the newspaper “Daily Witness.” A year after, the company bought Benson’s cattle shed in order to double the factory’s capacity. In October of 1874, a fire destroyed the company’s sawmill and starch factory. The company was able to rebuild, as another building under construction as an addition to the old factory was not burned.

In 1876, the company was given recognition at the Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition for the excellent quality of its starch. Two years later, it opened its first sales outlet in Toronto. In June of 1880, the company’s first ever trademark, “Canada Starch Works,” was registered. In December of the same year, its second trademark, “Satin,” was also registered.

In 1882, the company began to refine glucose and marketed it under “Canada Grape Sugar Works.” By 1885, the company was already grinding 157,582 corn bushels and converting it into 3,616,143 lbs. of starch. In the succeeding years, the company continued to develop new processes to improve the quality of its products.

In 1906, the company was incorporated and named The Canada Starch Company Limited. The company registered the trademark CASCO in March of 1912. By 1958, the company celebrated its 100 years of existence in the food industry.

Headquarters: Etobicoke, Ontario
Ownership Type: Private
Employees: Information not available
Geography: Worldwide
Demography: Food manufacturing companies, foodservice operators


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