Catalina Marketing Corporation announced on Monday, the launching of This is the company’s dedicated website aimed at helping a growing crowd of consumers who want to cut down on their grocery bills through couponing.

Once shoppers have registered at, they will have the option to customize both their brand and store preferences within their profile. In that way, shoppers will be able to save time, as well as money. The website allows grocery shoppers to create a connection with their most preferred grocery brands online. Although primarily provides printable coupons, the website is also the sole destination for the YourBucks® Rewards coupons. These coupons allow a shopper to get dollars off any item at the grocery store.

YourBucks® Rewards can be used like cash. These reward coupons can be used to buy any grocery item. For instance, a shopper can use her $2 YourBucks® Reward to pay for an item that costs $2. These reward coupons are particularly interesting to shoppers as these can be used on items where conventional coupons do not apply, like meat, produce or organic products. YourBucks® Rewards can be printed through Catalina machines at grocery checkouts upon purchasing participating products. According to Karen Meleta, ShopRite Spokesperson, YourBucks® Rewards provide customers with the grocery savings that they need especially with the current status of the economy.

According to Dick Buell, Catalina Marketing’s Chief Executive Officer, is the result of feedback from the couponing community online. This is the company’s way of telling shoppers that Catalina Marketing Corporation listens to what consumers have to say. The launch of the website is also timely because a growing number of consumers are currently looking for ways to save money and retailers are also faced with shoppers who buy fewer groceries.