The CFIA, in cooperation with Chocolat Lamontagne Inc., has announced a recall and warning against certain chocolates sold under the Lamontagne brand. The chocolates are said to contain an allergen that has not been declared as an ingredient of the product.

The affected chocolate products are believed to contain undeclared milk, a common food allergen. People who are sensitive to milk and milk products might suffer an allergy attack from consumption of the chocolates. To date, there have not been any allergy attacks that are linked to the recall.

The following products are affected:

Orange-Flavour 73%-Dark Chocolates (Bite-size); Product number 3335; UPC code 663936033353; net weight 142 grams

Orange-Flavour 73%-Dark Chocolates (Bite-size); Product number 3337; UPC code 663936033377; net weight 142 grams

Assorted Chocolates (Bite-size); Product number 3333; UPC code 663936033339; net weight 200 grams

Assorted Dark Chocolates (Bite-size); Product number 3338; UPC code 663936033384; net weight 200 grams

The chocolates were distributed nationwide from October 4 to November 4, 2011. These products were sold in fund-raising activities at schools, associations and clubs.

While Chocolat Lamontagne, Incorporated is processing the recall, the CFIA is monitoring if the product recall has been effective. Consumers who would like to know more about the recall, or the recalled chocolate products, can call Chocolat Lamontagne’s hotline at 1-800-567-3435. They can also send the company an e-mail at Consumers can also call the CFIA at their hotline 1-800-442-2342 or 1-800-465-7735. The hotline is available from 8 AM to 8 PM, weekdays, Eastern Time.