ChocolatesourceChocolatesource is a company that specializes in the importing and distribution of Belgian gourmet chocolate to the United States. The company has its headquarters in Wellesley, Massachusetts.

Chocolatesource was created out of a love for Belgian chocolates and aimed to provide chocolate lovers with great quality chocolate.  The company was established in 1998 under the name  Belgium’s Best Chocolates Incorporate and has since been specializing in importing and distributing of Belgian gourmet chocolates in the United States.

The company mission of Chocolatesource has always been to develop and nurture the taste of chocolate lovers, while at the same time contribute to the growth in sales of its suppliers and retailers. Since the company’s specialty is Belgian chocolates, it has committed itself to working only with Belgian chocolate suppliers that have the highest quality products. The company also makes sure that their Belgian chocolates are one of a kind and unique in the chocolate market of the United States.

Among Chocolatesource’s Belgian chocolate bar labels are Gudrun, Galler and Cote D’Or. The Galler label was founded by Jean Galler in Belgium in 1976. Galler chocolates are widely known for having the rich quality and delicate flavor that come from the finest cocoa found in exotic regions in the middle of the tropics and the equator. The Cote D’Or label was created in 1883 and was named after the country Ghana where the original cocoa beans for this chocolate came from. Gudrun chocolates were born in 1942. and are widely known for their Belgian chocolate truffles that are very affordable in price and yet are created with excellent quality. Other Belgian chocolates that have been made popular in the United States include Nirvana chocolates, Dolfin chocolates and Café Tasse Chocolates.

Currently, Chocolatesource distributes its products either through their website or through retailers and distributors all throughout the U.S. The company has in-house sales teams and brokers who work with retailers and suppliers in order to deliver excellent quality Belgian chocolates around the country.

Company headquarter address: Wellesley, Massachusetts
Ownership: Private
Geography: Across the United States
Demography: Chocolate Lovers

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