Choffy is a relatively new beverage company that focuses on producing its flagship product, the coffee alternative Choffy®. The company is based in Washington, USA.


Choffy was founded by Jason Vanderhoven and Jason Sherwood, two people who shared a common goal of providing consumers with a healthier beverage made from cacao beans.

Before starting the company, Vanderhoven spent three years of trial and error at his home in Henderson, with his friends and family being testers and judges. Finally, after three years of trying, he was able to produce a product that is considered unique, healthier, and tastes delicious, as well. This product is now what is known as Choffy®, a coffee alternative that can be described as a mix between coffee and hot chocolate.

Jason Vanderhoven was the inventor and visionary of the Choffy beverage. With this, he is considered to be the company’s guiding force and soul. His passion for the product, as well as his expertise about it, makes Choffy® a product that is made with high quality standards.

Before the company started, Andi Sherwood, who currently serves as the company’s distribution services director. was already known as an expert in the field of direct selling. Jason Sherwood is the company’s expert when it comes to creative design. With over 15 years of design experience when it comes to design, he is responsible for the product design and branding, as well as in regional and global marketing of the product.

With the addition of Andi Sherwood, the two co-founders formed company’s executive team. These three leaders work together to manage the company, leading its workforce to promote, market and distribute the product to different parts of the country. Consumers who want to order Choffy® can buy it online at

Currently, Choffy® is known best in Portland, Oregon, where a number of stores are selling it. The company is still continuously working on getting the product sold in stores in different parts of the country.


Headquarters: Vancouver, Washington
Ownership Type: Private
Employees: information not available
Geography: USA
Demography: coffee drinkers, hot chocolate drinkers



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