Plant BottleThe Coca-Cola Company announced that a new concept for some of their beverages’ packaging is already on display and are available in the United States.

The new PlantBottle® packaging is revolutionary as it is actually created from plants. The bottle is 100% recyclable. In fact, it is the first 100% recyclable plant-based beverage bottle.

The new PlantBottles are used for Coca-Cola beverages Odwalla and DASANI. The revolutionary beverage packaging was first made available in nine countries in 2010, with a quantity of 2.5 billion. This year, with the inclusion of the United States and five more countries, the quantity of PlantBottles® produced is expected to be more than double the amount that was produced last year.

Coca-Cola’s vision in creating the PlantBottle® is to help save the planet by making use of environmental friendly materials and products. According to Scott Vitters, Coca-Cola’s PlantBottle® Packaging Platform General Manager, launching the new beverage packaging is the company’s representation in reducing its carbon footprint. It is well known that common plastic beverage bottles are made from petroleum and fossil fuels, which are nonrenewable and can be harmful to the environment because of excessive use. By incorporating plant-based materials in producing the new plastic bottles, the company aims to lower its carbon dioxide emissions.

The process of producing PlantBottles includes converting sugarcane into a main component for HDPE (High-density Polyethylene) and PET (Polyethylene terepthalate) plastic. Heinz has already started to adopt the new technology of creating the PlantBottles. Heinz’s ketchup will also be using the PlantBottles for packaging, which is under license from Coca-Cola.  Advertising for the new PlantBottle® packaging will include television and print advertising.

Advertising will also include attention-grabbing messages that will aim to interest consumers in trying plant-based plastics.