Orange_juice_1_edit1 A new research study has shown that majority of the American citizens do not know the amount and the types of sugar present in beverages. Researchers also found out that people who tend to avoid sugar are those who are greatly concerned about it.

The confusion about different sugar types can be understood since many fruit juice beverages and soft drinks are sweetened with artificial sugars such as fructose corn syrup and sucrose. Beverages such as milk and 100 percent fruit juices contain natural sugars. Although diet beverages such as soft drinks may have a sweet taste, they do not contain sugar.

In the research study in question, participants were required to respond to questions regarding their diet including consumption of non-alcoholic beverages. They were also asked about the amount and types of sugar present in different beverages. Results obtained indicated that most participants drank more water, at least four cups daily, on average.

About 96% of the participants considered common soft drinks to be sugary. Only 75% of the participants were aware of the fact that soft drinks had artificial sweeteners. There is a possibility that most people consider the word sugary to imply sweet, irrespective of the sweetener type used. Forty-five percent of participants regarded soft drinks as sugary while only 25% were certain that diet drinks did not contain any sugar. About 50% of the participants were concerned about the sugar level in the beverages they consumed. Fewer than 40% of the study participants were concerned solely about artificial sweeteners, and many of those participants made beverage decisions depending on the concern. Generally, nutritionists assert that not all beverages are unhealthy. For example, fruit juices have vitamins, which are essential for normal body functioning.