CottCott Corporation is one of the world’s largest supplier of private label non-alcoholic beverages. Aside from its private label products, the company also has a growing product line of beverages sold under its own brands. Cott Corporation has its main headquarters in Mississuaga, Ontario, Canada.

Cott started out as a Canadian company in Quebec that imported canned and bottled beverages from the United States in 1952. The company was then owned by Harry Pencer. By 1955, Pencer founded Cott Beverages Ltd., which bottled beverage products in Quebec. In the same decade, Cott Beverages launched a diet soft drink product, which was then considered an innovation in the beverage industry. This diet soft drink was the result of requests made by Royal Victoria Hospital patients who suffered from diabetes.

In 1984, Cott Beverages entered into the industry of brand beverages, when it was able to acquire Canada’s largest grocery store chain, A&P. By the 1990’s, the company had expanded their business into the United States. Cott’s stocks were first publicly traded in 1986 when it was listed in the Montreal and Toronto Stock Exchanges.

Between the 1990s to 2000s, Cott expanded its business by acquiring several beverage companies internationally, which included Concord Beverages, Vess Beverages in the United States, Hero Drinks Group and Benjamin Shaw & Sons Ltd. in the U.K. The company also expanded its business into Mexico where it put up its manufacturing facilities, as well as marketing offices.

In 2001, Cott became an incorporated beverage company. It was able to acquire Royal Crown Cola International, allowing the company to become a global supplier of soft drink, energy drink and other beverage products. Cott supplies RC-branded beverages to more than 50 countries all over the world. With its main customer bases in Latin America, the Middle East, Asia and Europe. In 2002, the corporation became listed in the NY Stock Exchange.

In 2005, Cott was able to acquire UK’s Macaw Soft Drinks, which allowed the company to double its business in the United Kingdom and expand their product line to include preservative-free drinks. In August of 2010, Cott was able to acquire Cliffstar Corporation, a company focused on producing private label shelf-stable juices.

Today, Cott Corporation supplies over 200 retailers of beverage manufacturing companies, aside from marketing its own brands all over the world. It is a partner of most leading groceries and merchandisers in providing carbonated and non-carbonated beverages worldwide

Headquarters: Tampa, Florida (US Corporate Office); Mississuaga, Ontario (Canada Main Headquarters)
Ownership Type: Public
No. of Employees: ,000
Geography: United States and Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico and Europe
Demography: beverage/soft drink shoppers

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