Cellular phone company Nokia is currently in the process of finishing up a new coupon service application to be installed in its cellular phones.

Although it seems like Nokia phones are a bit lagging behind iPhones, Blackberries and Android phones when it comes to coupon services applications, the company is currently exerting a lot of effort to keep up and compete in the smartphone applications market.

Nokia’s coupon service application already has a name: Perks. With this application, daily deal companies like Groupon and Living Social are going to be able to offer their deals and promotions to Nokia users. As an added feature to this application, both coupons and locations will be provided by Perks on the Nokia phone. For instance, if you would like to book a table for dinner around a specific location, Perks will give you a number of restaurants that are currently running promotions. After choosing your preference, you can book seats right from your phone. Then all you need to do is show up at the restaurant and say your name to be guided to your table.

Once launched and proven to be working perfectly, this application will indeed be a very convenient and helpful tool to every Nokia user. Just by using their Perks on their phones, people can save a lot of time and effort in searching for a great place with a great deal. This particular coupon service application may even turn out to be a tight competitor with all those iPhone and Android-based applications that are getting to be quite popular these days.