People seem to be making use of coupons for their purchases everywhere in the country. A large number of these coupons are even sourced from couponing sites on the Internet.

NCH Marketing Services has reported that about 17% of consumers in the United States download coupons from coupon websites. According to the company, email marketing and display advertising have also increased by 15% in the first 6 months of 2011. In total, 88.2 million people who use the Internet are predicted to redeem online coupons for either online or offline shopping by the end of this year.

According to NCH, possible reasons for the growth in conversion include the increasing availability of targeted offers, as well as email lists. Increasing consumer awareness has also become a major contributor to the increase in conversion, as more and more online users are actively looking for these targeted products for the purpose of redemption. Social networking sites like Facebook have also contributed to the increasing conversion rates of coupons as the site helps to spread new deals on the Internet. Also, a number of Internet users prefer visiting retailer or manufacturer websites in order to download coupons that they can use.

Recently, Consumer Goods Technology did a study and found that more and more Internet users prefer using coupons when it comes to discount types. In the study, a larger percentage of online users preferred coupons than daily deals. With these observations from studies, it is quite clear that coupons have become a helpful tool when it comes to digital marketing.