CouponsOn a recent interview with Wallstreet Journal,, founder Steven Boal, talked about the company and how it started.

According to Mr. Boal, he got the idea for the business just by watching his father-in-law clip coupons on a Sunday morning back in 1998. During those times, he was also wondering where all the coupon clipping was leading to, or if it was going anywhere. He said that it dawned on him that coupons could be a billion dollar business, especially since computer technology has been changing a number of things. Inspired by what he had realized, he then went on to found what has now become the leading company in providing digital coupons.

Mr. Boal said that bringing the company to its current position has been a thirteen-year journey, starting from the development of its concept. In the company’s early stages, he recalls undergoing a period where he had to be really persistent in contacting major companies that he wanted to work with: to the point where he had to sit in a lobby for long hours. He also recalls having to travel frequently, flying from one place to the next and persistently making phone calls just to be able to get the company’s first few customers.

When asked about any advice that he can give people who aspire to be in the business industry or are starting their own company, Mr. Boal said that although it depends on the kind of business, a fundamental concept is to just keep everything simple, as there are already a lot of complicated things in life and almost anything can be made overcomplicated.