This week produced a number of great coupons for consumers to use. There are coupon books from RedPlum, SmartSource and also a booklet found in Sunday’s newspaper that contains several coupons from General Mills.

Parade Magazine also contains some good offers this week, including a McDonald’s coupon for a McCafe smoothie or frozen lemonade. Another McDonald’s coupon offers a McCafe or iced coffee.

Giant Foods has discount offers for gas this week. There are also coupon discounts on products like Eggo waffles, Lysol products, Nabisco crackers and dog food under the Beneful label.

Weis Markets offers cereals from General Mills at three boxes for $6. There is a General Mills coupon that gives you a dollar off for three boxes of cereals. This will then give you three boxes for $5. Weis Markets also has BOGO product offers on its bagged salads and potato chips.

Karns Foods offers a dollar for a dozen eggs (large). The store also offers BOGO deals on Thomas’ muffins, sold in six pieces per pack. BOGO deals are also offered on certain Tastykake products. The store’s special deals will end on Monday, so if you want to avail on any of these deals, you should check the stores out before the week is over.

CVS Pharmacy, as always, has its Extrabucks offers. For this week, the offers include $7 off on a pack (42 counts) of Zegerid, a medicine for heartburn relief. Combining this deal with a $6-off coupon that you can get from SmartSource’s booklet, the total price will be $11.99. Make sure to save your CVS receipts, as Extrabucks rewards are printed on the bottom.

Before heading to the store, take note that a number of grocery store offers might require a loyalty card.